6 Nights / 7 Days

Rajasthan Honeymoon Tour

Jaipur - Chittorgarh - Udaipur - Jodhpur - Pushkar - Jaipur

Take a trip to Rajasthan on your honeymoon to experience a romantic saga

The Land of Maharajas - 6 Nights, 7 Days of Enchantment

Immerse Yourself in the Wild Heart of Rajasthan with Rajasthan Travel India

Welcome to an amorous odyssey through the vibrant heart of Rajasthan. With Rajasthan Travel India, revel in a 7-day honeymoon tour crafted for lovebirds seeking a blend of romance, history, and culture. Immerse yourselves in the timeless allure of Jaipur, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Jodhpur, and Pushkar.

Honeymoon Highlights:

Dive into the passionate soul of Rajasthan! Celebrate your union amid regal palaces, serene lakes, awe-inspiring forts, and divine temples, all wrapped in a colorful tapestry of tradition. Let the love blossom where royalty once tread and create your own story to tell. Our Rajasthan honeymoon tour packages are a perfect portrait of love and grandeur.

Itinerary Snapshot:

Begin your journey with a warm welcome and a serene day exploring the Pink City. Marvel at the architectural wonders such as the breezy Hawa Mahal and astronomically significant Jantar Mantar. Retreat to a cozy hotel room for a night woven with dreams of the days ahead

Unveil the majestic Amber Fort and absorb the panoramic views. Encounter the divine in Laxmi Narayan Temple and lose yourselves in the vibrant markets. Indulge in the local flavors with traditional delicacies, ensuring every sense is catered to on this romantic getaway

Journey to Chittorgarh and stand hand-in-hand at the historic Chittorgarh Fort, celebrating love as enduring as the fortresses that guard this land. Retreat to a peaceful slumber as the tales of valor and romance echo through the night.

In Udaipur, the romance amplifies by the banks of Lake Pichola. Explore opulent palaces and enchanting gardens, while the sun sets over the water, painting the city in hues of love

The adventure continues in Jodhpur. Witness the splendor of Mehrangarh Fort and the marble wonder, Jaswant Thada. Absorb the city's historic charm as you celebrate your bond.

Embrace spirituality in Pushkar with a visit to the world’s only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma. Stroll along the holy ghats, syncing your heartbeats to the calm ripples of Pushkar Lake.

As your journey culminates, take a trove of memories back from this land of beauty and valor, promising to return as time weaves new chapters in your life together.

Your Love Story Deserves a Royal Backdrop

Rajasthan Travel India has been creating unforgettable travel experiences for over a decade. Let us design the perfect beginning for your matrimonial saga with affordable, tailor-made honeymoon packages that promise to leave you with memories you'll cherish for a lifetime

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